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Stogl Robotics supports robot manufacturers, integrators, and end-users to realize their robotics applications. The focus is on open technologies that minimize project risks and effort for our customers while providing easy access to the latest research and technology. Our mission is to publish all non-customer-specific developments as open-source software to advance the field of robotics faster. Our vision is ROS-driven production!

Year of foundation: 2021

Founder: Denis Štogl

Website: https://www.stoglrobotics.de/



robodev GmbH provides individual automation solutions for the economical production and assembly of small quantities based on an intelligent modular system.

The technology leadership of robodev is seamless interaction at all levels: mechanics, electronics, communication and control. robodev offers a completely new, unified automation concept. Instead of in weeks, the sensor-assisted partial automation of robodev can be put into operation within hours - by the customer himself.


Year of foundation: 2016

Founders: Andreas Biehlmaier, Jens Liedke, Julien Mintenbeck





Founder: Stephan Irgenfried

Website: www.bicowa.com



Weiss Robotics:



As a leading specialist in the development and manufacturing of mechatronic gripper systems, Weiss Robotics offers a variety of innovative gripping solutions for demanding automation tasks.

The company is constantly setting new standards in quality and technology for Industry 4.0 and Smart Factories.

Moreover, customer benefits, quality, easy integration and productivity are always of primary importance.


Year of foundation: 2008

Website: www.weiss-robotics.com




Year of foundation: 2005

Website: www.gfrt.de